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"Perhaps" you are not familiar with this piece of land, "Perhaps" you have gone through every spot of place. However, have you ever been aware of its changes? Get to know about the predecessors of the living habits from our professional scholars. One of Hong Kong's greatest charms is its unending contrast between the old and the new, and the best way to truly experience this dichotomous culture is to explore the city on foot. Preserve it, Love it!

Route: Central Statue Square - HSBC Main Building - Battery Path - Hollywood Road (Mystic Crossroads) - Lyndhurst Terrace - Public Bathhouses - Pak Shing Temple - Western Market **Walk along the old trademark restaurants in Central & Sheung Wan areas**

路线: 中环皇后像广场 - 汇丰银行 - 炮台里 - 荷李活道 (神秘十字大道) - 摆花街 - 大众浴场 - 百姓庙 - 西港城 **穿梭香港中上环地道老字号餐厅**

Tour valid dates: March 11, 25; April 3, 22, 29; May 6, 20; June 3, 17, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm (about 2.5 hours)
Pick up: Central MTR station. Exit K, Statue of Jackson
Mandarin / English - Maximum number of tour would be 20 people per group

2017年3月11日; 3月25日; 4月3日;4月22日;4月29日, 5月6日;5月20日; 6月3日;6月17日
时间: 早上10:00 – 12:30 (约2.5小时)
集合: 中环地铁站K出口昃臣爵士铜像
国语/英语 - 每团最多20人

● Central Statue Square 中环皇后像广场
It was dubbed Statue Square due to the number of effigies here. The only statue still standing after World War II is that of Sir Thomas Jackson, a former HSBC chief. Is it all about Feng Shui?
Central Statue Square, 中环皇后像广场
● HSBC Main Building 汇丰银行
Designed by British architect Lord Norman Foster (London's The Gherkin), components were brought in from all over the world, but it is the building's distinctive feng shui that really gives it character. Do you know how the HSBC is named?
HSBC Main Building, 汇丰银行
● Battery Path 炮台里
Do you notice that the buildings on Battery Path are constructed in granite and red bricks in the Neo-classical style?
Battery Path, 炮台里
● Hollywood Road 荷李活道
The well-trodden Hollywood Road connects a large portion of the district, from east to west. The British landed at its western end in 1841 and promptly named it Possession Point. It also named Mystic Crossroads and there is a story behind this name...
Hollywood Road, 荷李活道
● Lyndhurst Terrace 摆花街
The Cantonese name 摆花 literally means "flower arrangement", possibly because of presence of numerous stalls in the area, selling flowers to the customers of the nearby brothels.
Lyndhurst Terrace, 摆花街
● Public Bathhouses 大众浴场
As early as in the late nineteenth century when bubonic plague was severe, public bathhouses had appeared in the form of matshed and accommodated in rental tenements by the government in the City of Victoria.
Public Bathhouses, 大众浴场
● Pak Shing Temple 百姓庙
Built in the 1850s and popularly known as the ‘Pak Shing Temple’, Kwong Fook I Tsz houses the tablets of mainland Chinese who worked and died in Hong Kong... Have you ever heard the tragic story of this temple?
Pak Shing Temple, 百姓庙
● Western Market 西港城
The impressive building has a red brick exterior with a handsome granite arch over its entrance and attractive ‘bandaged’ brickwork.
透过房屋设计,路牌及街道名称,可窥探当时的居民生活习性... 西港城采爱德华式古典建筑风格,外墙以红砖建成,拱顶正门入口则是以花岗石砌成,殖民色彩浓厚,在四周的高楼群中益显独特。
Western Market, 西港城

Terms and Conditions:
Minimum 2 persons | Tour Languages: Mandarin and English | No amendment or cancellation is applied when booking confirmation is made | Other terms and conditions apply (and will be provided upon request) | Our company reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change this offer | In case of dispute, the decision of our company shall be final

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